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Ideas Lead to Experiences: Dishwasher Differences
Guest Speaker
Sunday, February 12, 2023
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Unity offers 5 Foundational Principles which can lead us to lives which are joyful, love-filled, peaceful and powerfully abundant. In week 3 of this series, Rev. Rhona Segarra explores the third of the Five Principles of Unity: Ideas Lead to Experiences. Life throws us curveballs, big and small. Life experiences will, at times, be unpleasant. People will have differences of opinion. And sometimes we have strong preferences about how life should be. Unity's Third Principle reminds us that although we don't always have control about whether and when life will throw us a curveball, we always have a choice about how to respond to it. In "Dishwasher Differences", Rev. Rhona Segarra uses differences of opinion about the proper way to load the dishwasher, to explore the power of our minds to choose what matters. "Ideas Lead to Experiences", Unity's Third Prinicple, leads us to empowerment and peace.